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A-32, Tejendra Bunglows, Nr Kankubaug Mall Nirant Cross Road Metro Station, Vastral, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382418

Hours Of Operation

Monday To Friday 8:30 am – 6 pm & Saturday To Sunday 10 am–2 pm

Best Play school in vastral

Age Group: 2-3 years

Best Nursery Schoon in vastral

Age Group: 3-4 years

Best Junior K.G in vastral 1

Age Group: 4-5 years

Best Senior K.G in vastral

Age Group: 5-6 years

Welcome to Our School

“Brainy Child Montessori Preschool is the best preschool in vastral, we offers a new way of learning with unique material, critical thinking, Montessori lab, toddlers gym, brain lab, fun zone, and more for constructive development of your child. We currently have playgroup, nursery, junior kg, senior kg classes, and multiple activity centers.”

Why our school is right for your child?

“We at Brainy Child Academy-best pre school in vastral focus on growing learning abilities & improving skills in your child”

What We Offer

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In this spotlight, we’re delighted to highlight The Montessori Lab at Brainy Child Montessori Preschool – Best Preschool in Vastral, which means to give bona fide Montessori schooling. We plunge a piece further into our fearless endeavors to keep on starting the Montessori development by making a model that once an understudy sees, he/she would need to play, investigate and keep on learning. We center around engine expertise improvement, kinaesthetic turn of events, and by and significant preparing of children in our Montessori lab.

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A solid body, prompts areas of strength for a – Isn’t that the philosophy we have to use while bringing up our children? Ordinary activity! Regular exercises! There are days when every last bit of it appears to be very dull to a youngster.

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Mind Lab Brainy Child Montessori Preschool is the best preschool for Kids and offers 50+ family-accommodating exercises, scientific trials, and models to assist you with understanding how the cerebrum achieves all that it does.

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The developing champions certainly need something more brilliant. We have a couple of devoted segments for the Kids who went with other common activities.

The program is aimed at the mental and creative development of children.


Our Best Activities

Learn With Fun

Children Can learn with fun

Virtual Sessions

What kind of Virtual Sessions your kid prefer?

Special Projects

Our secret area education ways

Music & Singing

Everybody loves child’s singing

Library Reading

How many stories our teacher knows?

Sand Play

All year round we enjoy sand


Where learning is a serious fun

Water Play

Imagine various water activities

What Are The Facilities?

Infant classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors in a sanitized and safe environment.

What Parents Say

What About Admission?

It Is Very Difficult For Every Parent To Choose The Right School For Their Children, best pre school in vastral, in Such A Situation, They Search For Many Pre schools Nearby, & best pre school in vastral,They Also Find Many Such best PreSchool In Vastral But Each best preschool in vastral Has Different Characteristics. But In Such A Situation, We Are In Your City Vastral With all These Similarities Have The Best Preschool In Vastral Named “Brainy Child Montessori Preschool”

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Why Our School?

In the past few years, preschools have become a very popular destination for parents. With the best preschools in vastral Ahmadabad, you can now find many of the top schools and choose the one that’s perfect for your child. Best preschool in vastral A good preschool provides children with a head start on their education by teaching them valuable skills such as math and reading. There are many Montessori schools near me that offer these types of classes to help kids prepare for their future. — One of the best preschools in Vastral is Brainy Child Montessori Preschool Brainy Child Montessori Preschool has a strong focus on innovative curriculum and provides a holistic education system. The Montessori school also caters to the needs of children as they grow through learning stages and phases, making sure that they don’t get bored or feel like they are doing the same work all over again. Montessori’s schools are not just limited to teaching preschool-aged children but also teach Play Group, Nursery, Junior K.G, and Senior K.G school children in their classrooms. The best preschool in vastral Ahmedabad is the Montessori school which is the best play school that focuses on getting kids ready for the academic world. It helps children to learn through play, and they have a wide range of educational toys. There are many benefits to enrolling your child in the best preschool in vastral. Besides giving them the opportunity to make friends, they will be introduced to the best way to learn how to manage emotions, solve problems and communicate with others. Think of the best preschool as an introduction into the world of school and everything that it entails. They teach children how to socialize, cooperate, share and regulate their emotions. We are Best Preschools In Vastral Ahmedabad.